About Us

Our advanture started in 1987 with producing spare parts for motor and bictle industry and we remained it by designing and producing the fist Turkish made sonic shell in 1993. This year that we are celebrating our 25th anniversary we added shooting and hunting shells to our products and keeping up the good work with our whole determination and excitement.

Secret of our success is in our golas

We start all days with a new hope and love in times that we experienced as ÖZKURSAN brand and we do not swerve our quality and our customers pleasure. With this motivations we are remaining by expanding our capacity and golas. Producing sonic shells is not just a matter of money for us but to prevent unfortunate deaths by an unaccurate bullet. Our slogan through this thought is:

Don't turn your entartainmnet into sadness

We certificated our quality and exporting our products to lots of country also we are promising to produce our police department and army ammunitions if any legal bases can be provided. And we wish to prevent millions of currency to be spent in foreign countries. Our words surety is the way we are walking for 25 years, our innovations in industry and our never ending determination to our work.