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Traumatik Pistols

Traumatik Pistols

Traumatik tabanca veya Travmatik tabanca Özkursan, Rubber Bullet, Traumatik Pistol
What is a traumatic gun or a traumatic gun?
Traumatic pistol Yada Traumatic pistol Yada Traumatic pistol is called traumatic gun. Traumatic pistol and ammunition sales in Turkey and the use of traumatic weapons are prohibited. Because the Traumatic pistol and the rubber bullet used in Traumatic guns are defended by some Forensic Experts who may be the deadly effect of plastic bullets. Traumatic guns The areas of use of traumatic guns are mainly used for defensive purposes as a wound or a deterrent. Although rubber bullets may be plastic bullets, they can cause serious injuries. It is necessary to be very careful when using rubber cartridges on plastic cartridges.
What is a traumatic pistol bullet or Traumatic pistol bullet?
Traumatic pistol and Traumatic guns used in bullets, cartridges, plastic bullets, and rubber bullets. As an example, the rubber bullet is the visual image of the plastic bullet above.

Ozkursan Blank Firing Guns

Ozkursan Blank Firing Guns

Ozkursan The names of the self-cleaning blankets, which are our new models produced in 2018, are as follows.

Özkursan ÖZK928 R2

ozkursan tabanca 928 r2 toplu tabanca kurusıkı

Özkursan ÖZK928 R4

ozkursan tabanca 928 R4 toplu tabanca kurusıkı

Özkursan ÖZK928 R6

ozkursan tabanca 928 R6 toplu tabanca kurusıkı

Özkursan ÖZK922

ozkursan tabanca 922 kurusıkı tabanca

Özkursan ÖZK F92

ozkursan tabanca F92 kurusıkı tabanca

Özkursan ÖZK FX92

ozkursan tabanca FX92 kurusıkı tabanca

Özkursan ÖZK BRW14

ozkursan tabanca BRW14 kurusıkı tabanca

Özkursan 2018 Yeni Modellerimiz

Özkursan Otomotiv Ve Metal Makine San Tic Ltd Şti. We continue to produce blank guns and bullets.

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