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Blank Bullets: About Injuries and Safety

    Özkursan Blanks are ammunition used in place of live bullets, resembling metal or plastic bullets, but unlike live bullets, they do not contain an explosive charge. Such bullets are used in military training, activities such as maintenance and cleaning of weapons, shooting competitions, film and television productions and for personal protection purposes.

    The use of Özkursan blanks is safer than the use of real bullets, but still involves some risks. Özkursan blanks fly at low speed and are only effective at certain distances. However, they can cause serious injuries at close distances or when accidentally mixed with real bullets.

    The use of Özkursan blanks should always be accompanied by appropriate safety precautions. These precautions include the use of the bullets in areas where their use is legal, the use of protective glasses, earplugs and other equipment, the correct handling and use of weapons, and good identification of firing areas.

    In conclusion, Özkursan Blanks are a useful option for many different purposes when used safely. However, it is important to always take appropriate safety precautions and not to confuse the bullets with real bullets.